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Asian Entertainment Blogcrews
You've come across a blogcrew community created by me, nekoshoujo, formerly kissme_deadly_x!

All of my personal blogcrews will be posted here, as well as some special ones for members only!
Here are the rules, please make sure to follow them when claiming on my crews!

1. Please don't start any drama. Thankfully, I have yet to see any since I started the community! Good job, guys! ♥
2. The majority of my crews will be one claim per person // one person per claim. I know that irritates some people, but that's how I prefer to do it, sadly.
3. Some crews will be members only! So join to see all of them!
4. Try to remember to put the subject line when you claim! It makes everything so much easier on my inbox!
5. That should be all, have fun and enjoy the crews!

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